What Is Wrong With Me? I’m So Screwed! 🤣

This is the Triathlon I have entered.
Fee is paid.
Sponsors have donated.
I must go through with it.
Triathlon: 1500 Meter Swim; 26 Mile Bike; 6.2 Mile Run

The Poconos Olympic Triathlon provides athletes a beautiful, shorter, and less daunting triathlon alternative to the Poconos Long Course. The Olympic distance triathlon consisting of a 1500 meter swim, 26 mile bike, and 6.2 mile run.

Swim Course: The 0.9 mile swim takes place in the cool, crystal clear waters of Lake Wallenpaupack. Featuring an in-water start and dock finish it is a rectangular course with yellow triangle turns and orange sighting buoys every 75 meters. Nestled in the NE corner of the lake you’ll be surrounded by forested hillsides and an outstanding water safety team. We expect the water temperature to be in the mid to upper 60’s.

Bike Course: The 26 mile bike course features rural, well paved roads that will take athletes through scenic farmland and forest. With 1800′ of climbing over 26 miles, this is not an easy course, but it is a ton of fun. Be on the look out for bald eagles and black bears.

Run Course: The 6.2 mile run course takes place entirely on the Wallenpaupack Lakeside Trail. Ranging from 6-8’wide throughout, it is a lightly rolling, meandering path along the lake with a packed gravel and wood-chip surface..

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