An Angel Embraces The Wild

New novella in the “Embrace The Wild” series
First chapter, first draft
It is a Friday, he has invited me to his office across the river. He told me to come over for six pm.
I can’t do this!
What am I thinking?
I don’t even really know him.
Yet, I find myself getting dressed to go and meet him. I am wearing a dress with a short hemline to show my legs, and a plunging neck line to reveal my breasts.
I’ve only met him on one occasion, and that meeting was brief, but he was so kind, so caring. He took so much time to listen, he wanted to help. I could tell he wanted me then, he looked at me in that way —- I am an attractive woman and he gave me a look I’ve seen many times. But I’m married, so I have ignored it in the past, and I did that day, but, but I didn’t want to.
I can’t do this!
What am I thinking?
I don’t even really know him.
We have chatted on-line many times, he has been engaging, and I have been the same. He has been forward, telling me that although he shouldn’t, he desires to be with me — and I have responded in kind. It is harmless, I have told myself — we will never act on those thoughts and flirtations.
I told him I could not accept his invitation. I told him even if I were to act out these impulses, we would have to meet, have coffee or something, get to know one another a bit better. He told me he knew his desire would only increase with a meeting, and he wanted to be hidden from prying eyes, because he could not let a chance to be with me slip away.
I can’t do this!
What am I thinking?
I don’t even really know him.
I told him he was so kind, and charming, but I could not; I am married, and he appears to have a wild side. Yet, here I am, getting dressed to please him, to have him admire me in person, and yes, as much as I am denying it, to encourage him.
I am in my car, crossing the bridge, fighting the Friday afternoon traffic to make it to him. My heart is beating a little too fast. I keep looking in the rearview mirror, not just to be sure there is no one following, but to check my appearance. He asked me, that if I came over, not to wear much makeup and please no lipstick. I usually don’t go out this way, but I feel the want to please him.
I can’t do this!
What am I thinking?
I don’t even really know him.
I am here. There are many cars, I hope I don’t see anyone I know. He assured me that although the building would be busy, his office would not. I check myself in the glass of the car. I know I am attractive, but will he desire the real me as much as he claims? A hint of doubt enters my mind.
I find his office. The door is open. I pause at the entrance. Should I go in? I turn and walk away. I take but a few steps, and I stop. I want to, but I don’t know him well enough to love him, and I definitely don’t know him well enough to cheat on my husband. Besides, I have never been unfaithful.
I can’t do this!
What am I thinking?
I don’t even really know him.
I continue to walk away. I must go. Yet, if I do — I will never know. Our chats lift my days, it is nice to be desired. But, what if he doesn’t desire me when he sees me? The illusion will be broken, and the unfaithfulness will only be in our minds and hearts, our bodies and souls will not have touched and crossed the physical and metaphysical.
I take a step, but then I turn. I hurriedly walk back toward his office. I am standing just outside the door, and to the side. If he looks out, he won’t see me. I am breathing fast, my heart is beating fast. Can I go through with this?
I can’t do this!
What am I thinking?
I don’t even really know him.
I want to… I think. I enter the doorway. He looks up from his desk and smiles. I don’t say a word and neither does he. I am frozen. I look into his eyes, they are so dark, almost black. They hide his intent, but I can tell he is not disappointed.
He gets up from his chair. He approaches me, still, he doesn’t say a word. He has shorts on, and I can see his desire is genuine. There is still time for me to turn around, to tell him I can’t be here, I shouldn’t be here.
I can’t do this!
What am I thinking?
I don’t even really know him.
I remain frozen. He gently grabs my arm and pulls me completely across the threshold. He closes the door behind me. I can hear him lock it. I take a step back. My back is to the door. He presses his body against mine. I can smell him, there is no cologne, yet he smells so good — he smells like a man.
That voice is starting to talk to me again, but I shut it down. I’m not sure if I can do this, but I want to do this.
As he presses my back to the door, his body flexes against mine. He looks into my eyes, that dark color makes them unreadable; but I can see fire, but also a darkness. I am a little frightened, but mostly, I am excited.
The tingle from below my waist soon evolves to a tremble as his lips touch mine. As if they have met before, our mouths mirror one another. His tongue touches my lips, but do not enter, but mine breaks the boundary.
I desire him.
I hunger for him.
I need him.
He pulls me from the door, and in one motion, he undoes my dress and it falls in a heap at my ankles. He takes a step back. I am a little embarrassed, I know he has asked to see pictures of me, but it is not my thing. He only smiles. He tells me I am more perfect than he imagined. I smile.
Next he undoes my bra. My breasts are now free of their confines. Once again, he steps back. He looks me up and down, this time I am not embarrassed, even though I don’t know him, there is a connection. He takes a step back to me and turns me around. I am wearing a thong, and he presses his body again to mine. He whispers in my ear, telling me how incredible I look.
He apologizes. I don’t know why. Then he grabs the fabric that is sitting in the crease of my buttock and yanks it hard. The material yields to his force and they tear from my body.
He is massaging my ass, rubbing each cheek with force and intensity. At the same time he is kissing the back of my neck. I am so incredibly hot, sweat begins to leave the pores of my skin. He turns me around and pushes me against the door. Once again, he looks over my body. I am still insecure, but he is so admiring of what he sees, that I am soon comfortable.
He starts to kiss me, gently at first, but then he gets rough. I don’t like to be kissed this way, but I don’t fight it. He is incredible and I want him. I move my hands down his body, and remove his shirt. His bare skin presses against mine. My hard nipples against his body.
I move my hands down again and take off his shorts. This is the first man I have seen since I’ve been married. I want to touch him. I bring my hands to his penis, but he grabs them and pins them against the door. He tells me for now, this is about me. I tell him I want him, I want to touch his cock. I never talk like this, but it excites me, and it excites him.
He tells me later.
He starts to kiss me again, and this time he moves from my mouth to my face to my neck. He takes small bites as he works his way around my body. He moves from shoulders to arms all the way to my fingers. There is no rush, he takes his time covering my body in adoring kisses. He skips my breasts and moves to my abdomen, his hand is massaging my body as his mouth moves along. He goes lower, and lower, but he skips my private area and continues down each of my legs.
He tells me how long he has desired to touch, to feel, to kiss my legs. When he is done, he stands up, and leads me to a conference table. Gently, he lays me down on the table and begins to kiss my breasts. He spends much time on each one. When he gets to the nipple, he circles it with his tongue, licking up and down each. It feels so good, I let out a small scream.
He moves back up to my head, he whispers in my ear and I nod yes. He begins working his way back down until he gets to the area that has been reserved for one man these many years. It has been so long since my husband has done any of this, and he never did it quite like this.
He pauses and blows little puffs of air as he lowers his head, his breath feels cool compared to the heat emanating from inside of me. I didn’t trim myself, I didn’t see the need, since I wasn’t going to show up. However, I know men of his age usually like that. I ask him if it is okay, and he says it is perfect. Then he sticks his tongue out and runs it along the entire length.
I am so wet, I haven’t been this wet in so — I have never been this wet. He spends several minutes slowly licking me up and down, and just when I didn’t think I could be turned on any more —- he inserts two fingers inside of me. I have never had more than one, but I am so wet there is no resistance. His fingers pass easily and are soon lost within my body.
As his fingers explore my inside, his mouth never loses contact with the outside. His fingers rub one way, while his mouth goes the other. I have never felt anything so incredible, so satisfying and within but a few minutes, my body begins to tremble, then shutters as I have an orgasm the likes of which I have never experienced.
My body falls limp.
As I am recovering, he begins to massage my body. He tells me how much he has longed to see it unadorned. I ask him if he is at all disappointed. He tells me of course not, when emotion intersects lust, there is never disappointment.
I begin to cry, and he hugs me… I whisper into his ear how I feel, and he whispers into mine he feels the same. He lifts me from the table and holds me in a tight embrace. I continue to cry, but as the tears subside, I notice his erection against my thigh.
It has been so long since I’ve touched another man, it has been so long since I have touched my spouse. My hand reaches for him, and this time he doesn’t stop me.
I take him in my hands and run them along his length. He moans loudly and he becomes even harder. My hands work around him, and my mouth begins to kiss his. I taste myself on him, it is surprisingly pleasant. I kiss him greedily, deeply, with more passion than I thought was left in my being. My hands don’t stop their action. I feel him tense, and his kissing becomes more urgent. His entire body tightens as he comes against my leg. I continue to pull on him, and his entire body is now shaking. He grabs me tight. I remove my hands and return his embrace. He kisses me deeply, he tells me how he feels, how incredible I am.
I still feel him against my leg, and he is still ready for more. I have never had this happen before, when my husband comes, he is done, but not this man. I drop to my knees and I take him into my mouth. I haven’t given a blowjob in a long time, and I’m not sure how he will respond. I have my answer in a deep, pleasured moan.
I take all of him, at the same time I run my hands along the sides of his thighs. I can taste his come, I have never liked that in my mouth, but with him I do. I move my head back and forth, taking him all the way in and removing my mouth to the very tip. It doesn’t take long before he once again reaches orgasm. My instinct is to move head, but I don’t. I want him to be part of me.
He falls back against the table. His body is quaking, and his breath is rapid. He tells me how unbelievable I am, and how he has never had an experience like this. I look up at him, all the while I continue to rub his legs.
I want him inside of me.
I want him to make me feel like a woman.
I want him to love me with his mind, his heart, his soul and his body.
I take him in my mouth, and within a few moments he is again hard. I move him to the floor and I climb atop of him. I tell him how I feel, what I need, and then I insert him inside of my waiting, wanting, body.
Chase new experiences, and embrace the wild.

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