Injuries Require Recovery

On this past Monday, today is Friday, I had a freak incident in which I ended up with a patellar bone bruise. Which is a bruise of my kneecap. As blood pools beneath the outer layer of bone, known as the periosteum, which has a whole bunch of nerves, this type of injury can cause some serious pain . And, as this blood pushes against this layer…………….OOOOOOUUUUUCCCCCHHHHH!

In addition to the pain, it is difficult to do much training which involves legs, because the kneecap is a fulcrum in which every muscular contraction of the leg causes the patellar tendon to tighten, thus adding even more pressure, bringing additional irritation, causing even more pain.

Tuesday, I really didn’t notice it, Wednesday I did… but unfortunately, the Physical Culturist side of me, which emphasizes the importance of exercise and training, who also has a triathlon coming up in a month, opted to not work around the injury, because as I said, every leg contraction causes pain, worked through the pain. This led to a Wednesday night of little to no sleep and a Thursday morning of intense pain.

The good thing is, that outside of whacking the area, there is little chance of making the condition too much worse. The bad thing is, most triathlon training requires using the legs, so everything aggravates the condition, which can lead to a bit more inflammation, which in turn leads to more pressure, which gives, you guessed it — more pain.

It is at this point that I decided to let the chiropractor side make decisions over the triathlete and physical culturist sides and take off a couple of days. Today, the pain has decreased, but it is still present, and as you can see, because of my stubborn stupidity, there is swelling of the right knee. It feels like I am wearing a sleeve over my knee whenever I try to move it, and whenever I contract my leg muscles, the periosteum is now receiving pressure from both the inside and out, so the pain increases. I am treating it with a combination of therapies, and I am hopeful to be back to training on Monday morning.

Sometimes, whether we like it or not, we must allow ourselves to heal to achieve our desired results. Oh, and the scab is from when someone texting while driving knocked me from my bike to the road a week or so ago. Lately, my poor right knee has taken a beating. But, like a Timex watch, beating or not, I keep on ticking — just may need a little bit of a rest to reset. 😁

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