Her First Taste Of Her





Satin ran her tongue from the belly down to knee. She felt little stubbles from the unshaven leg under her hand and tongue. It was turning her on even more.

Finally, she was about to move her mouth to the Italian/Greek woman’s vagina. She yanked her shorts off with one good tug. She looked at the hairiest mound she had

ever seen. It was the complete opposite of Satin’s bald area. She reached up to touch it, but the Italian/Greek woman pulled her back.

The Italian/Greek woman pulled Satin off her and onto the bed. She began to kiss Satin passionately. She worked her hands down the front of Satin’s dress, unzipping the garment to expose Satin’s incredible body. She maneuvered her mouth over Satin, just as Satin had done to her. When she got to Satin’s pussy, she stopped.

She slowly began to massage each of Satin’s lips making her man in the boat jump back and forth. She took her mouth and covered Satin’s entire vagina. She then flicked her tongue at Satin’s blossoming button, alternating between little sucks and little flicks.

Satin was squirming under the Italian/Greek woman’s lips. Her hips were writhing back and forth — rising up and down. Then the Italian/Greek woman slipped her finger into Satin.

Satin’s pussy puckered around her finger, enclosing it — pulling it into her body. The Italian/Greek woman curled her finger back and found Satin’s G-spot. Satin tensed her whole body. The Italian/Greek woman started running her finger around the G-spot in small clockwise circles, simultaneously turning her tongue around her clitoris in small counter clockwise circles, after a few trips around Satin began to come. She was in total ecstasy. She threw back her head and pulled out the Italian/Greek’s fingers. Her blades closed just missing her new lover’s fingers as a stream of female joy juice flew fountain like from inside of her. The Italian/Greek woman didn’t seem to notice the blades as she parted her lips and let Satin’s ejecting ejaculate flow into her open mouth. She took all of Satin’s lustful libation.

Satin and the Italian/Greek woman embraced each other. Satin had never felt anything so incredibly wonderful. She had just been made love to by this woman.  It was only the second time she had ever made love and she was ready to return the favor. Satin worked her way back down to her female friend’s fur-filled, pheromone soaked vagina. She inhaled deeply as the hairs captured both perspiration and the Italian/Greek woman’s own flowing vaginal secretions. The mixture created an intoxicating aroma. She had never gone down on a woman, but she performed oral sex just as it had been done on her. She was a little awkward with the circles, so she changed the pattern from circles to rubbing the Italian/Greek woman’s G-spot back and forth and worked her outside in the opposite directions. The Italian/Greek woman had the same intense orgasm as did Satin, and she too ejaculated. Satin had the come of one hundred men in her mouth today, and as much as she loved that taste, nothing tasted as sweet as this wonderful semen-less, succulent, seltzer. Satin let the fluid fill her mouth and she held it there, letting it rest upon each taste bud on her talented tongue.

To see the light, we must enter the darkness.

She Is The New Savior: She Is The True Savior by [Scono Sciuto]

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