Missing A Muse

My alter ego has not penned a story in such a very long time.

No longer are the experiences of unbridled, unchained, uninhibited embracing of the wild the normal.

The mundane has become the norm. 
The fire, fueled by pure, unmitigated, unbound lust is barely a memory, blurred by the shackles of sexless, monotonous monogamy has left passion’s well drained, empty and uninspired. 

Many seek love. 
Many think sex without love as empty.
Many have no idea what it is like to push repressive, learned boundaries.

Most have no idea of the joys of giving oneself to lust for lust’s sake.
Most have not experienced the inferno of embracing that lust.
Most have no understanding of simply letting go.

Most have no clue the joys that can be experienced by Embracing The Wild. 

To explore lust without boundaries…
To experience joy for joy’s sake…
To embrace the wild…

…simply click the pic



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