Here We Go

Thanks to my generous sister, I was able to go down and get checked in for tomorrow’s triathlon this afternoon instead of waiting until morning. So glad I did, that extra hour’s sleep will come in handy. Additionally, I had a chance to check out the course and transition area so I know right where to go when I get there. Looking out over the water, a 1/2 mile swim seems much shorter in a pool 😁
The race director Dave and his crew of volunteers were getting everything set-up and ready to go, and as busy as he was, he didn’t hesitate to take few minutes to answer this newbie’s stupid question. LOL
Stickers are in place, gear is in the car, body is marked, k-cup is in the machine, hardboiled eggs are in the fridge for a quick early breakfast.. this low carber is ready to tackle his second triathlon in as many months..
Now all I have to do is wait to go to sleep, wake-up and get there….
Thank you to all for your support, encouragement and kind words along the way. This former 375 pounder did not do any of this alone…
I’m so f’ing pumped..
May be a cartoon

May be an image of lake and nature

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