Marriage NOT Always Desirable

I just read a most disturbing meme on social media..

“A girlfriend should be a potential wife.
Relationships are investments, not hobbies.
Date with a purpose.”

What utter and ridiculous nonsense.

Why are we still teaching anyone, especially girls and young women, that they need to fit themselves into the matrimonial trap and become in essence property?

Why can’t people just enjoy life and have fun.

Why must there be some ulterior motive to dating?

And, why or why must that ulterior motive be a potentially decades long sentence?

How is it possible to be stuck in a mindset in which we need to be shackled for all the days of our lives?

I guess if you think you need to be pair bonded, then you should attempt to find a like minded person. But to hold others to that standard is unfair, unreasonable, and actually unrealistic.

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People are not meant to be monogamous. Oh, they try, because society tells us it is the norm. However, anyone who has experienced life past the age of, I don’t know 20, knows it is anything but.

Almost everyone I know in a long term relationship, both male and female, has cheated. All for their own reasons, but they have not remained faithful.

One person breaks their “vows” and the other remains encircled and ensnared in the cage.

embrace the wild fantasies new coverWhy?

Go out.

Have fun.

If you both consent to fucking, then fuck. If one of you doesn’t, then neither of you does. If, for whatever unimaginable reason, you want a relationship, and you desire to be repressed by a societal construct that limits your future, by all means go ahead an do so. Just, please stop inflicting your backward and repressed morality on others.

Try something novel — Live, let live and


“Who am I?”


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