Explore Passion-Embrace The Wild

Some Adult Content


embrace the wldMy name is Patty, I have broken the shackles of a repressed sexuality and I proclaim that I am a joyful and lustful being. 

It hasn’t always been that way. I am a fifty year old woman and after a twenty-five year marriage, I was about to get divorced. But something happened that changed my life — forever. 

I was a dutiful wife. I took care of husband, house and home. For twenty-four of those years, I was faithful. I accepted my role as my husband’s property. I cooked, cleaned, mended clothing, and when my husband had the need, threw open my legs and did my wifely duty. Sadly, I wasted the bulk of my adult life buying into what both my religion and society had condition me to believe about sex, sexuality, love, monogamy and my role of how to perform as a woman under such conditions. I was probably a lot like you, living a mundane existence and experiencing a limited sexual life. Satisfaction was not relevant, because I was convinced that it was about making love and not about the sex. 

I have awakened. It isn’t about the love and love making — it is all about one thing, the glorious, heart-pounding, breathtaking, life-affirming, earth-shaking, windows-shattering, screaming at the top of my lungs sex! It is about being brought to orgasm and giving orgasm for my own instinctual desire. It is about sucking and being sucked. It is about opening my legs not for some esoteric, poetic lovemaking ideal. Now, I am spreading open wide my legs because it is about the pure animalistic act of getting fucked and fucking, and I fuck back with unbridled and unparalleled vigor and passion. I will engage with whomever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want — sex is about pleasure for pleasure’s sake. 

I have been freed, and for the rest of my years, each and every day, I will seek, search, and, most importantly, embrace the wild

**let us skip ahead a bit**

chapter SEVEN

Vince hadn’t just taken over a top floor office; he had taken over the entire top floor, including what was the employee lunchroom. He had his desk set up against the glass atria and a couple of chairs were set out on the deck. Vince was standing, looking out the glass at the Pacific Ocean. I cleared my throat, he turned to me and again flashed that smile. 

He motioned to me to join him and look out over the ocean. I stood next to him, my heart racing and I’m sure I was starting to breathe rapidly. Without turning his head, he said it was good to see me, and that it was obvious I felt the same way. I looked at him questioningly, when he simply and quickly moved his hand under my skirt and into my panties, then inside of me. He pulled out his hand and lifted it to his face, and said, “I’ve missed that scent.” 

I stood gape jawed. I couldn’t believe he just stuck his finger inside of me, but mostly I was shocked at my response. I almost came. Angrier with myself than him, I slapped Vince across his face. He only laughed. His laugh infuriated me and I drew my hand back to strike him again, but he caught it before I could swing it forward. He pulled me near him and again shoved his hand up my skirt. This time instead of just inserting a single finger, he shoved three inside of me. I gasped, but this time it wasn’t shock, it was a gasp of pleasure. I grabbed his arm and brought his hand further inside of me. 

I rocked my body against his fingers as he thrust them in and out. I was about to come, when I came to my senses. I removed his fingers and stepped back three paces. “I’m married.” 

He simply responded, “I don’t care.” And he neared me. 

I backed up from him, I couldn’t do this. I don’t love my husband, but I have my vows I told him. Vince only smiled and pushed me against the wall. He whispered into my ear, “I’m going to put my hand back where it was, but only if you want me to.” He placed his hand in mine. I held it there, the scent of myself mingled with his masculine aroma. O God, his scent. Vince never needed cologne, he always smelled so good. I took his hand and brought it back up my skirt. I placed it inside my panties. Vince paused and asked me where I wanted his fingers. I told him inside of me, and then I told him not to stop until I came. 

Vince’s hand was incredible. I had never had more than one finger inside of me, but Vince managed to work in a fourth and as soon as he did, wave after wave of orgasm washed over me. I collapsed against the wall, and slid to the floor. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t gather myself. I simply sat on the floor heavily breathing….

To Embrace The Wild click or copy and paste the following link —https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013ZYPBLK

“Who the hell am I?”20190630_1305207795170130459536580.jpg

I am an independent, self-published teller of tales,
an author, as of yet, scarcely any renown.
However, as a storyteller, I know who I am,
and with that persona, I am both confident and comfortable. I invite you to please visit my website,


and/or Amazon Author Pages

Joe Leonardi              Scono Sciuto

if you are so inclined please
purchase a copy and leave a review.

I write of the damaged and broken, because that is the norm. For each person who overcomes their demons, there are hundreds, if not thousands, who do not.

It is their stories I tell. 

Thank you,


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