Four Hundred Sycamore

Walking down the path to my last triathlon had me in the company of fellow author Jill McClelland. That chance meeting brought to my attention this gem of a story, “Four Hundred Sycamore.” My reaction upon finishing was simply WOW! I don’t believe that I am the intended audience, but that didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying this wonderful book.

I happened to have the day off and after a long bike ride my dog and I settled on the porch and logged onto the kindle vella page. The first few “episodes” were free, but when prompted to purchase tokens, I readily paid the necessary fee to keep on reading. The story was so captivating that there was no way I was “putting it down” until I reached the end. It was a great way to spend a lazy, sunny, autumn afternoon — even if it kept me from getting in a planned run and working on the latest draft of my own novel 🙃.

As a writer, the greatest compliment I can receive is when a reader tells me that I told a good story. With “Four Hundred Sycamore,” Jill McClelland tells a wonderfully good story. A story that brought a tear or two to the eyes of this sometimes bitter old man. However, it brought many smiles as well.

If you enjoy a good story, then read this one today, and make sure you set aside the afternoon because you will want to finish it in one sitting.

Four Hundred Sycamore

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