A Free Erotic Short Story To Occupy Our Minds




© 2016

By Scono Sciuto

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 This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the products of the author’s extremely vivid and at time disturbing imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons living, or dead is entirely coincidental.

-Her Passion-SID.jpg

 She rises from her slumber.

She is in his embrace.

It is not a dream.

She nuzzles against his chest.

Finally, after decades, she finally shares a bed with him. This is the beginning for them. As cliché as it is, today is the first day of the rest of their life.

Last night wasn’t solely about sex. It wasn’t the lust filled, hard, raw, rough fucking of the past.

Last night was emotion filled love making. It signals, for them, a new life. They are leaving behind their others, from now on it will be two living as one.  Their fresh relationship transcends societal norms. It is a connection of intense exploration. As he has done, he will continue to lead. There will be many who may join and eventually leave, but, there always will be the two — living, breathing, loving and acting as one.

She looks at her man sleeping. It is the first time they spent the night with one another — the first time they actually slept together.

Of all the times and many ways she has taken him, she has never had him upon waking.

She kisses his mouth, his neck, his chest.

He stirs, but does not wake.

She kisses his stomach.

Another stir.

She reaches the area that was deep within her last night.

The smell of sex remains, it is strong, pungent, yet so inviting.

She has never seen him without an erection. She admires lovingly that which had brought her much pleasure, and that which she craves right now.

She takes him in her mouth.

The taste of their love beckons her to continue.

He stirs some more, but does not wake. Yet, there is an awakening.

Her mouth is soon filled as his cock rapidly fills and hardens with pulsating blood.

He is now awake. She feels his hands running though her hair.

“Good morning.”

She removes him from her mouth, looks up at him, smiles, returns the greeting, and then goes right back.

She takes all of him, she moves quickly, using only her mouth.

He doesn’t take long to achieve his climax. She takes all he gives.

She releases his cock. It pops out of her mouth, randomly spraying the last few drops onto her cheek. In her mouth, she savors his essence.

She plays with him, touching his receding erection. Her gentle stimulation does as it has always done. His cock stops losing size and grows again.  She grins at the control she has over him.

Slowly, she swallows, cherishing the sensation until her mouth is empty.

She moves to his mouth and kisses him.

He doesn’t hesitate to return her kiss. He can taste himself. He hungers for her.

She says, “I love you.”

He smiles, “I love you more.”

He continues, “Today is the day. Are you ready?”

“Yes, I trust you completely.”

-Bound and Blindfolded-

SID.jpgThe room is dark.

She is nervous, but foremost, she is excited.

Her body tingles. This is an enormous step. She is ready to completely embrace her wild.

He asks her for what seems the hundredth time if she is sure.

She assures him she is.

He asks her if she remembers the safe word.

She repeats it, and tells him she will not be needing it. “Today, I give myself to you and to us. I am your submissive — now, and always.”

He pauses.

He kisses her deeply.

He strokes her cheek.

“I love you so very much. You are my passion, my life. I need you more than I need food to eat, water to drink or air to breath. We are one.”

She licks her lips, “Forever, and never.”

He places a blindfold around her eyes. He ties her to the bed, each extremity secured at a corner. Her body is an X, a glorious X. He wants to take her now. He has come to learn what a transcended sexual being she is, and she is his to control, his to use, his to please, and his from which to derive previously unimaginable pleasure.

Her legs are wide and waiting. He stares at the patch of overgrown hair. She wanted to shave, but he loves the way it holds her scent. Today, she is not the only one taking a big step, he is as well. He is giving her the ultimate commitment, a commitment he never believed he was going to be able to give to another. Happily, it is she who he is giving himself to; she who is his one true passion, she who is his one true love.

“How many will there be?” She asks.

He gently strikes her cheek. “No questions. No more speaking without permission.”

He circles the bed, in his hand is a thin, long riding crop.

He easily strokes her breasts with the tip.

She sighs.

The cold end encircles her nipple causing it to stand up straight.

He flicks his wrist ever so slightly. The implement responds and strikes her nipple.

She shrinks back just a bit. He strikes her again, this time not as gently. A tinge of pain shoots through her entire breast, but she holds herself steady.

He kisses the spot the crop made red.  He then takes the instrument and lightly strikes each of her legs, and each of her arms. Up and down the crop travels, the sting is mild, but the sensation soon becomes enticing.

Again, he moves to her breasts and strikes each one repeatedly. They flush bright red.

He then takes the crop back one more time, he flicks his wrist and it snaps on the lips of her cunt. Her body tenses against the bindings. The sting shoots through her entire lower body.

He kisses her, and once again asks if she is ready. He tells her this will be the last time he will ask.

She nods her head yes. She hates to be tied, and she hates to be blindfolded. She is completely at his mercy. She, to whom control is so important, has completely surrendered. The control is all his. Her heart is racing, and at the same time, her twat is beginning to twitch.

She hears the door open. She is about to speak, but does not.

He motions a man to enter.

The third person enters the room. He removes his clothes.

He walks to her and places his cock in her restrained hand.

She touches it, she knows it is not her man’s. It is longer, but not as thick. It has a covering over the head. She wishes she could look, she has never before seen an uncircumcised man. She plays with the foreskin, she imagines the head of his cock playing hide and seek as she manipulates him.

It doesn’t take long and the new man ejaculates. He removes himself and kneels down at the side of the bed

Another man enters.

He does as the first.  Again, this is not her man. She knows every inch of him, and even without sight she is aware this isn’t the cock that is hers. She manipulates him and soon there is more come on her arm.

Her man asks her how many men are present.

She tells him two besides him.

He tells her, “Very good.”

He then nods his head to the others.

The two men start kissing her breasts, then licking, and the sucking on her nipples. She can still feel the sting from before and that sting heightens the sensation of what is now being done.

She lets out deep moans and sighs.

Without her knowledge, two more men have entered the room and undressed.

Each of the new men place their cocks in each of her hands.

More, she thinks, and smiles.

Her man creates slack in her arm bindings. She is now able to move her arms a little more freely.

While the two men are giving attention to her tits, she begins giving attention to the cocks in each hand.

As she is occupied, her man kneels on the bed. He opens his mouth and starts sucking at her profusely wet, puckering pussy.

With his lips he traps her clit, and then suckles at it like a hungry baby with a fresh bottle. Her body tenses, and within seconds her body shivers. She screams as the climax completely overtakes her.

-Enjoying Submission-SID.jpg

Her man lifts his head. He inhales the scent of her orgasm. He loves the aroma which emanates from her. Trapped in her overgrown hair, the pheromones amplify his excitement.

He stands and removes his clothing. He rubs himself against her leg.

She knows it is his. The size, the shape, every fold she has memorized. She has thought of him and his penis each time she would fuck her husband. The thought of her man’s cock is what had made sex with her spouse satisfying these past few years.

He inserts himself into her now primed pussy.

His strokes are long, even and forceful. All the way back so only the very tip remains inside, and then all the way forward, until the bones of their pubic regions stop him.

As he fucks her, she works the cocks in her hands, while the other men continue giving undivided attention to her tits.

“You are the fuck of a lifetime.” He tells her.

She begins to speak, but stops herself.

“You are my whore, aren’t you?”

She nods her head.

He tells her to say it.

“I am your whore. I am your sex loving, cock craving, adulterous whore.”

The good catholic girl from years ago would never speak like this, and, as his sexual goddess does now, it magnifies his excitement.  She can feel his cock grow larger inside of her. She asks for permission to speak more. He gives it.

“I love your cock in my cunt. I love these cocks in my hands. I am an adulterous slut, who loves to be fucked by you.”

That is enough to send him over the edge. From the time she utters her first words, it doesn’t take long for her man to reach his climax.

He pulls out and comes with such power that his stream lands upon her neck and face.

The warm fluid strikes her skin. She loves she has caused him to come with so much force and intensity, but she is sorry it isn’t inside of her.

He removes himself from between her legs, and one of the men at her breast takes his place.

As her man had done, he fucks her with long hard strokes. His cock is longer, and she can feel it deeper than she has ever felt anything before. This new sensation is incredible. A part of her insides is being stimulated that had never before been touched. She wishes her legs were free so she could pull him in even deeper. She lifts her hips and takes him as far as she can.

She cares not about punishment, she has to say it.

“Deeper! Give me that entire cock! Fuck me deeper, Goddamit!”

The riding crop strikes her tits. The sting is intense. She doesn’t care.

She screams the words again.

Ten quick strikes, one for each word she voices, comes down across her tits. However, much to her satisfaction, her demand is obeyed. The man fucking her complies, and pushes his cock even deeper.

She smiles and thinks to herself, I have some control.

For several minutes he drives his cock, over and over, bumping a part of her that until now was sexually virgin territory.  When he comes, he pulls out and ejaculates all over her stomach, some of it even makes it as far as her breasts.

The remaining men all do the same.  Each enters, and each fucks her harder than the one previous. She has spoken a few times, and each word is met with a strike of the crop. Sometimes the words are uttered by accident, and others because she wants to feel the pain.

Each man deposits a layer of sperm on her torso.  Some of the areas are streaked with just a tinge of blood from where the crop had broken her skin.

She, herself, comes multiple times, so many times she has lost count. She has never experienced anything so intensely satisfying in all her life. She is completely spent.

When the last man finishes fucking her, they all leave, except her man. For now, with him she is alone.

He gazes upon his love. He marvels at the sexual dynamo sprawled out on the bed in front of him. He still cannot believe that all those years ago, when she had broken his heart, that they would evolve so much. He is also aware, had they not split up, the situations and experiences that created the sexual goddess lying in front of him, would never have occurred.

He admires her so much. He loves her so very much. He can’t take his eyes off her face. She is exhausted, yet there is such a mask of fulfillment staring back at him.

Although she has fucked several men, at the end of this day, as would be in all the days of their life, she was his.

He removes the blindfold. He gets lost in her eyes. They are so beautiful, so full of satisfaction. He kisses her deeply.

He moves his hand to her pussy and gently pats and rubs her. He then takes his hand and brings it up her stomach. He runs it all the way to her neck. The come of five men coats his hand. He brings his hand to her face.

She smiles and nods yes.

He puts his hand in her mouth and she takes the combination with a slow, sensuous, long lick.  He does this several times until the only evidence that remains is a shimmering shine on her skin.

She asks for one more kiss.  He does as she asks, for she may be the sub and she is his, but he is also hers.

He tells her that he loves her more than life itself.  He gives her a long drink of water. Without untying her, he turns out the lights and leaves.

She lies in the darkness. The remnants of five men drying on her torso.

She never thought she would be like this, she never thought she could be like this.

She was so prim and proper when they met, she wouldn’t even suck his cock. Also, there was no way she would make love to him before marriage. She was saving herself, she just didn’t realize at the time exactly for what she had been saving. She thought it was the man she was going to marry, the man to whom she was going to be faithful until death did them part.

She now realizes, what she had been saving herself for was this awakening. The reward isn’t a life of monotonous monogamy. It is for a life of adventure and exploration with her one true love. She saved herself  for him, her man, the one who unleashed her sexual being.

At first she thought she would feel guilty, she expected to feel guilty, but she didn’t. Honestly, she thought to herself, why should I? She didn’t feel a bit of guilt the first time she took his cock in her mouth while her husband waited at home. Moreover, she felt no guilt when she went home and fucked her husband that very same night. Not a trace of guilt passed her mind when she kissed her husband with the taste of his cock upon her mouth.  She never felt any guilt all those years taking her husband while imagining she was fucking her man. Why feel guilt now?

Yet, there is something different about this. She had only been with three men in her entire life, and tonight she fucked that same number. If she wasn’t completely enjoying herself so much, she could be viewed as being used. That is what the judgmental assholes of the society she was now separating herself from would think.

No, she is trying to talk herself into feeling guilty for these actions, when what she real feels guilt for is all the years of denial. And, that she almost let her man again get away. She almost didn’t go with him.  She almost stayed were she was out of comfort. That is what is genuinely eating away at her; that is what she feels guilt about, the realization that she almost again blew it.

She is aware, if this ever gets to be too much, she trusts him. She knows all she needs to do is state one, single, solitary word, and this will end. Yet, she is aware she won’t ever speak that word. There is no way in hell she is going let this come to an end. There is no way she is ever again going back to that mundane and boring life.

Her decision is made. It is set in the proverbial stone. She is his. She is to be his submissive for the weekend, and if they both desire, beyond.

She has been sleeping, but unsure for how long.

Her man enters the room.

He says nothing, neither does she.

Behind him are two other women. Each is nude. The women waste no time and move immediately to her.

They touch her. They rub her. They kiss her.

Not this. She thinks to herself. Aside from anal sex, this is the one thing for which she has no desire. She doesn’t care to be with other women, and for a moment, considers saying the word.

However, she can’t resist the sexual arousal she is experiencing. Could I really like this? She thinks.

They are so gentle. So soft. From head to toe, their kisses cover her body.

Finally, one kisses her mouth, the other begins to go down on her.

At first, she is reluctant to return the kiss, but soon she does. Kissing a woman is different than a man.  It is not just erotic, it is emotional. Even though they are strangers, the action of kissing conveys more than just lustful desire, there is kindness with each kiss.

As the other woman is going down on her, he comes up behind her.

They have been in an adulterous relationship. She knows, as she was, he was fucking someone else, but she has never watched him with another woman. She closes her eyes. The crop strikes her with a slight sting.

She obeys and her eyes open wide.

She watches as her man penetrates the other woman, all while she continues to go down on her.

She is getting turned on.  She didn’t think she would, but she loves watching him fuck the other woman. Each thrust moves the woman’s body, and hence her mouth.  The jolt adds a sensation of which she has never experienced.

He is not at all gentle. There is no emotional love making here. Animal like, he is simply fucking the stranger. Fast and hard with a furious force he is ramming himself into her.

He removes himself from the other woman, moves to his love’s head and comes on her neck.

She wants his cock in her mouth, but he doesn’t give it to her. He gives it to the other woman.  She, not her, gets to lick him clean.  However, the other woman is not selfish, she shares with her the fluid.

The other women leave the room.  Her man retightens her arm bindings. He gives her a look, the look implies a question.

She understands. She nods her head in the affirmative.

He places the blindfold over her eyes and whispers that he loves her and that he will return.

He once again confirms the safe word.  He asks her to repeat it several times, and she does.  He gives her another drink of water.

She tells him she loves him, “Forever and never.”

He leaves her tied to the bed.  She tries to sleep but she can’t. They have discussed this part in the past. Up until now it has been tame, she knows it is about to get rough. It was originally his desire, but it is now hers.  She has been enjoying the mild pain that brings pleasure, and now she wants even more, and more importantly, she trusts him to deliver.

SID.jpg-Pain Becomes Pleasure-

Sleep finally comes, she is not sure for how long, but suddenly she is startled awake.  She hears the door open, and perceives footsteps.  She does not know who’s they are.  She says his name, there is no answer.

He clears his throat, she knows it is her man. She also knows there will be no more talking. If she asks a question, or speaks another sound other than the safe word, she will be disciplined. Part of her wants to feel the discipline, so she says hello.

A riding crop strikes across her breasts. It is more forceful than before. It does not merely sting, it hurts. Two more blows with equal force strike across her breasts. She thinks to herself, God it hurts —- but it hurts good. She not only feels the sensation on her chest, but her pubic region begins to actually twitch.

She hears other footsteps, some heavy, some light. She tries to get an idea of the number, but she can’t.

She senses someone is near her.  She feels a hand on her pussy. The hand slaps her right on top of her clit. A tingle shoots though her entire feminine region.

One slap, two and then a third — each carries more force than the one prior. Then she feels penetration. Four fingers slide past her moistening pussy and enter her.

The pain is sharp. She feels it twisting inside of her. Her moisture increases as the hand rams itself in and out.

She screams out. The crop strikes.

The movement inside of her becomes faster and harder. Her breathing became more rapid. A moan escapes her mouth. The noise was greeted by another strike. She feels blood running down her breast. She thinks of declaring the safe word, instead she says, “Harder.” Her wish is obeyed, and another strike stings both breasts.

She is fully aroused.

Another moan. Another strike.

With each moan that escapes her mouth, a harder strike lands upon her.

She screams and begins to come.  Her entire body shutters, and then shakes.

Her orgasm is complete, but the hand continues its action. She is now so wet that four fingers soon became the entire fist.  She feels the bones of the wrist slide into her.

She feels several pairs of lips on her body. They are soft and gentle, they are those of women. The lips cover her entire body, all the while, the fist keeps pounding.

Suddenly, something covers her mouth. She could feel hair on her lips. It is one of the other women squatting over her face.

She has never gone down on a woman, she doesn’t even like the idea, but she doesn’t even consider the safe word. This is a weekend of complete sexual liberation and exploration. She sucks at the lush bush. She extends her tongue and licks all she can reach. The woman grinds against her mouth, she extends her neck and drives her tongue as far inside as she can manage.

She feels the other woman start to quiver, and soon her work is rewarded with her first taste of a female orgasm.

She wants more. She needs more. She starts moving with the hand inside of her, when suddenly, everything stops. The lips cease kissing and the fist is withdrawn in one quick motion. It exits her body with a sloshing plop.

She lies there wanting more. She strains to listen, there isn’t a sound but for the breathing of those with her in the room.

Anticipation, excitation, fear, arousal — each emotion sweeps over her body. She thinks for a moment of speaking, if nothing else, her words would bring discipline, but she decides against it. She simply waits.

Without sight, the passing of time is hard to determine. She doesn’t know if it is day or night. She knows she is not alone, and she is aware there are many people around her, but how long she has been here is hard to determine.

Suddenly, all four of her bindings are undone. She is lifted from the bed and moved somewhere across the room. She is lying on her belly, across a table, no it isn’t wide enough, it is some kind of bench. Her arms are immediately tied in front of her, her legs are spread open then tied as well.

Slap…. is it a belt?  No, it is solid.  Slap….. she can’t tell what it is, but several hard slaps come down across her ass. She squirms as each smack finds the mark.

She knows she is red, she can feel the heat coming off her cheeks. She braces herself for another, but it never comes. What comes next is a man’s cock into her mouth. It isn’t her master’s, she knows the feel of his, but she takes to it like it is.

The cock’s owner does not move, he simply remains still as she sucks it to orgasm. Just as she is about to get her reward, he pulls out. She tries to hold it in her mouth, she wants his come. She worked for it, she earned it. But it is not to be. She feels his balls against her head as the warm, sticky fluid wastefully lands upon her back.

As soon as he moves, another cock fills her mouth. Again, it is not his. This cock is considerably larger than her man’s, it may even be larger than the one that bought her so much pleasure before.  This time there is movement, plenty of movement. This man is taking his over-sized cock and is fucking the hell out of her face.

She gags as it hits her throat and she spits up a bit. This action was met with suspension of the face fucking and the wood of the paddle, yes it is a paddle, against her ass.  The strikes are hard and sends shock waves through her entire lower body. Each strike is directed to hit the plumped up lips of her pussy as well as her ass cheeks. Oh God, she thinks to herself, I am coming.

She wants to scream out in pleasure. In her mind she is telling herself this is perverse, this is wrong, but her body is telling her this is so extraordinarily veracious.

As the orgasm takes her body, the monster cock is placed back in her mouth. It face fucks her hard and fast, and in no time she could feel it tense, and she eagerly awaits.  But again, just as the last, she feels his balls against her head, and the fluid she wants in her mouth — cascades upon her back.

Her head falls forward in disappointment. She waits for the next one to come to her mouth, but instead she is greeted with a cock entering her from behind. She smiles, and lifts her head. She lets out a pleasant sigh.

“Fuck me,” she yells, “Fuck me good and fuck me hard.”

Then she remembers she isn’t supposed to speak. The cock is removed, and she is left to wait. The punishment isn’t physical this time, it is the removal of what she is enjoying.

She is unsure of how long she is like this, but it is long enough for any stimulation induced excitation to leave her body. She is wanting, but she no longer wet — and then, the cock re-enters her.  It is not gentle, it slams full into her opening.

At the same time she feels hands on her tits. They are not male, but they aren’t gentle. They squeeze at her nipples, they pinch each one. The pain is intense, but it is insanely pleasurable. She wants to scream, but she is afraid the cock will be again taken from her.

Her cunt is secreting copious amounts of lubrication. This time she only thinks the words she wants to say. She wants none of this to stop, besides, she is getting fucked so good. And not only did she get fucked good once, not twice, but five men fucked her oh so good.  And each and every one left themselves spilled upon her back.

The entire time the hands on her nipples are doing their pain inducing work, a change is occurring. Although pain is still perceived, pleasure is becoming the overriding sensation. Every thought in her brain knows her nipples should be hurting, but every nerve fiber in her body is telling her she is in a state of unquestionable ecstasy.

Then suddenly, everything stops. She hears the voice of her man. He asks her if she has had enough. She asks permission to answer. He gives it.

“No. My God no.” There is a tremble in her voice. A manic desire, thirsty for more.

He unties her hands and legs and removes her blindfold. The room is now empty except for the two of them. He leads her into the bathroom were a tub of warm water waits. He washes her completely, cleaning away the residue of the other men. He tends to her small cuts. He drains the tub, refills it and lets her soak in the warm water.

She closes her eyes and enjoys the quiet. She reflects on what has just occurred. She is now a full-fledged sexual being. She now transcends the ordinary and completely embraces the wild.  She is not a mere slut or just a whore, those terms don’t completely capture the entirety of what she now is. She is a superior sexual being. She is a woman who loves sex, and she loves it with as many men, and surprisingly to her; as many women, as possible. She has denied herself for decades, but no longer. She and he will be together. They will enjoy a life of unabashed, irrepressible, hedonistic, sexual exploration.

-Unleashed Passion-SID.jpg

 He empties the tub, rinses her under the shower and pats her dry. He leads her back to the bed, and gently lays her down.

He climbs on top of her. Softly he kisses her up and down the length of her body. He gets between her legs and eases himself into her.

While she appreciates the tenderness, she has been fucked by other men, she is now ready to be fucked by her man.

They can make love later.

She lifts her legs, bringing her knees to her chest and spreads a little wider. He understands what this means, so he braces himself against her knees and forcefully thrusts himself inside. He is no longer gentle, he can’t be, she doesn’t want him to be. Their pent up raw energy and passion is released, expressed in ear-shattering moans and screams.

He fucks her with more passion, with more intensity and with more savagery than she has been fucked all weekend. She fucks him back with even more ferocity.

She was not exaggerating when she said she hadn’t had enough. It matters not that she had just taken and experienced almost a dozen men and women — she wants more.  And he, he is so turned on by having watched her completely embrace the wild, that he desires her more than he has ever before.

He continues to fuck her. Each plunge is met with her arching back and forward thrusting hips.

She screams. He yells. Their pubic bones bang against one another.

Sweat pours from their bodies.

Their passion grows even more intense.

Their lust is unholy and wholly unbound.

She digs her nails deep into his back. He screams as blood mixes with his sweat.

Her pleas for more are interrupted only by gasps for air.

They are both pure sexual beings, their human forms barely recognizable.  There is nothing else in the world that matters more than their lust for one another.

He moves faster and harder. She screams with delight. Words are replaced by deep guttural moans.

He grabs her breasts, they are raw but pleasure immediately supplants pain. She again claws at his back. Their pace continues to both deepen and quicken. The bedframe creeks and cracks under the power of their passion.

Finally, their lust touches the zenith. They come together, and for the first time, he comes inside of her.

He collapses forward on top of her.

She accepts him into her.

She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, drawing him closer, powerfully holding him inside. Now that he has finally given himself to her, she doesn’t want to lose any part of him.

He tells her, “No matter how many others there were, or will be, at the end of the day, there is only us.”

SID.jpg-Submissive Is Dominance-

 Yes, in the beginning it was all about sex. Wild, kinky, passionate, lust-filled, scream at the tops of their lungs, sex! Each and every time they were alone, they fucked and sucked and explored each other in every way imaginable. Yet, as much as it was about the thrill of the forbidden, both, at the time were in unfulfilling relationships, they found in one another a connection and support, that from their lives was long missing.

The love they lost all those years ago will never be recovered, it is gone to a time of idealized innocence. Yet, when they reconnected, the spark that did not die, fueled by fresh oxygen, grew into an uncontrollable inferno.

Since their paths had diverged all those years ago, they had gone in vastly separate directions.

She, afraid of their love, migrated toward safety; taking a life of domestic security, with a man for whom she cared, but did not fear losing. She was, if not happy, contented. She was a good, dutiful wife. One who was acceptant of an unadventurous, yet equitably fulfilling sex life. The catholic raised woman never once thought of straying. The possibility never entered her mind.

Yes, she was an exemplary wife — to her husband faithful, caring and attentive. Yet, while she had the life she was told she should have, the life she was raised to have, there was a deeper something missing.

He, devastated by their separation, took a path of wild exploration. Promiscuity was used to hide the hurt that shattered his heart. He jumped from relationship to relationship. Between the many, but brief relationships, he filled the gaps leaping from bed to bed. His desires became extreme, and he had many partners willing to indulge his debaucherously ravenous libido. Although there were times when his bed was filled with as many as four or five women, the void in his heart, opened by her abrupt departure, remained unfilled.

Mindlessly, they were traveling the roads they had chosen those many years ago. Then, as it often does, fate intervened, and once again their paths crossed. The years had become decades, but as soon as they saw one another, the spark that had remained smoldering all those years ignited anew.

Words unspoken, no longer required verbalization. Emotions, never completely vanquished, exerted their influence. A passion — most importantly, a passion that had never been fully realized, slowly built to a resounding crescendo.

She, who was so good, so pure, so proper in their previous incarnation, now completely embraced the wild. She allowed her mind to give into her body’s deepest, darkest, most depraved desires. Sensual pleasure and sexual reward broke the bindings of puritanical shackles. Words that had never escaped her lips, were screamed freely at his encouragement. Her desire to please him, soon became her selfish pleasure. Sexual fulfillment that she had never thought possible, was not only nourishing, it was so stimulating that it simultaneously created an even deeper hunger.

In her eyes, he found comfort.

In her words, he found encouragement.

In her heart, he found home, and the void in his heart finally was made whole.

He shared with her the extreme sexual fetishes that he had experienced. He was surprised, but so pleased at her willingness to sexually evolve with him. Of the hundreds of women that shared experiences with him, none had brought him to the level of bliss as she has done. She was more naturally skilled a lover than any with whom he had previously been. With little encouragement, she was willing to set aside all of her barriers and give in to his deepest cravings. It was that willingness that that led him to let down his guard, and even if neither was consciously aware, he had given his soul to her completely.

Sexually, there is no doubt, he is the dominant, he is in control — it is his wild imagination that she follows and will continue follow to sexual nirvana. However, emotionally, she is the dominant. He is submissive to her, because all that he is, all that he has become, all for which he yearns, centers on his emotional connection to her.

S.S. 2/24/16

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