Triathlon Update

Steelman Triathlon is about a week and half away, and again injured my back.

Really not in the shape I need to be, from the concussion earlier in the year to several injuries to unexpected change in schedule, training has been totally disrupted. However, I want to have fun and give it a go anyway, but this is now gonna be “a game day decision.”

I had such high hopes and ambitions for this year’s triathlons. 😔

2 thoughts on “Triathlon Update

  1. I admire your tenacity Joe, I used to be defined by mine. However, life’s precarious winds of fate has shorn it down to an occasional spark & whimper of a flame.

    How did you ever come back from the pain & suffering of obesity! I am fighting the battle, but there are moments where I find myself saying, “I give up.” Yet, I am hanging on…


    1. Thank you Lydia,
      It is a lifelong war with the bastard obesity, some battles I’ve won, others the bastard as; We can just try and hang on and fight back.

      I invite you to give, Sometimes The Bastard Returns, a read, it will hopefully give some insight into my struggle.


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