Excerpt From “She Is The New Savior”

 She Is The New Savior contains adult themes, situations, graphic violence and sexuality — this post does not, but it does have a touch of blasphemy….

… Finally, in the middle of a blustery winter’s night, it happened. Simone couldn’t sleep. The wind was gusting off the lake, driving snowdrifts almost to the second floor. As the wind tried to penetrate the brick walls, Simone could swear she heard it speaking to her. It frightened, yet exhilarated her. The voice was commanding, stern and eerie, yet the words were profound, comforting and confirming.
Simone shook her love from her slumber. Satin easily woke and got her bearings by glancing out the window. She asked Simone what was wrong.

Simone answered, “Satin don’t you hear the voice?”
Satin asked her, “What voice?”
Simone continued, “The voice in the wind, it is talking directly to me. It is, I think, the voice of God.” Satin listened intently, encouraging Simone to go on.
Simone continued, “It is a strong, female voice. It is almost singing to me. She repeats the same line over and over.”
Satin asked, “What was she saying.”
Simone told her, “She is saying Kelly, who died to bring forth Satin, is My daughter. She is the one whose coming has been foretold. Satin is the Daughter of Woman, she has been reborn through me, to rule My Kingdom on earth. You Simone are to be her rock.”
Simone asked Satin, “Who is Kelly?”

Satin smiled at her. She embraced her in her arms and enveloped her in her divinity. Satin reassured her and told her that tomorrow she would explain everything. She told her to go back to sleep and rest.

The next morning arrived and Satin was the first to rise. She looked out the window and realized they were going to be snowbound for a few days. Today was supposed to be Rochester day. However, since she wasn’t going to get out, she opened her book and made the phone calls. She contacted the one hundred fifty clients she had lined up. Her message was coded, but the meaning clear. Next week, same schedule.

With business out of the way, she began to prepare breakfast. The timing of the snow was perfect, she knew it was her Mother’s hand — she now had three full days alone with Simone. She could explain, answer questions and dispel any doubts.

The aroma of turkey bacon, pastured eggs, coffee and almond meal pancakes filled the house. Simone awoke and descended the stairs completely nude.

She paused at the doorway to the kitchen. Satin took in her beauty and wanted to make love to her right then and there. But that would have to wait. This was an important day and Satin didn’t want Simone’s mind clouded.

Simone sauntered to the table and sat down. “No run this morning?” she asked.
Satin told her, “No, no workout today. We need to talk. You received an important message last night and today you will learn what it meant.”
Simone smiled, rose and kissed Satin gently. “I can’t wait.”

Satin started by explaining who Kelly Dress was. Satin told her of her life and her death. Simone gave Satin her full attention. She didn’t interrupt as Satin related all about Kelly through her death.
Satin paused for several minutes. She cried as she recalled the death of Penelope and Kelly. Simone also cried. The two women embraced. Satin stroked Simone’s hair. She asked her if she had any questions.

Simone had only one: “Why didn’t you tell me before that your name is Kelly?”

Satin sat upright. She put a few inches of distance between them and in a firm voice told her, “Kelly is dead. She had to die for me to be born.” She continued, “Simone, my love, last night you experienced something few ever have. The last known person to hear the voice of God was Moses and he failed our Mother. You were visited directly by our Creator. God the Mother spoke to you. I am Her daughter. I am the Messiah. I am the one whose coming has been foretold. Since men have always written the Bible and the other books of God, they have always assumed God to be male and the Christ to be a son. Only the Christians believed that the Messiah had come. They are wrong. I am here now and you are to be my rock… the rock, upon which I will build my Church.”

Simone sat speechless. She swallowed her coffee hard and asked Satin to continue.

“My love, it is a tremendous responsibility you now have. You must choose it willingly. You are to help me start My Church and spread the word of our Mother, the one true God.” She touched Simone’s face, “It will be a difficult task. We have to change the thinking of generations of blasphemy.”
Simone looked up at Satin. Satin began to speak, but Simone asked her not to. Together they sat quietly. Simone rose from her chair and neared Satin. She dropped to her knees and embraced Satin’s right hand in both of hers. She kissed her hand and gazed into her eyes. “You have been my personal Savior. I now accept you as the Savior of Womankind. You are the Messiah.”



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