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Memories of our first night together occupied my sleep. The dreams vivid. The scents so real. Your presence felt throughout the night.

The joy in your voice.

The smile on your face.

The brightness of your eyes.

The acts of passion as our bodies became even more familiar, even more in sync, even more in rhythm, became one. The culmination was a tender embrace that transformed the physical act of love into something deeper, something with meaning beyond the tangible.

The physical became less important. What occurred was joyful, beyond the senses of the body.  That night, our souls mated and gave birth to the esoteric nature of our spiritual love. 

Now, when I hear your voice, when I see your face, when I touch your hand – I am transported in time, to the beginning of our great love, a love that has grown in the absence of physical presence.

Ours is not merely a once in a lifetime love, it is not even a once in a generation love. Our love, our story, is the greatest of and for the ages. One for which I thought the last chapter was written. One of which I am hopeful there are more chapters which will fill many pages.

Florence, you are the great, singular, and true love of my life.

At one time I thought it to be fantasy, a dream which would never be a reality. However, now there is great hope that we are making our way back to one another, to continue a story that was, and is still, one which spurs the creation of great works of art.

When we speak, my heart lifts.

When we touch, my mood brightens.

When we embrace, I feel from you, that which I thought was lost.

For you are what you have always been, from the first moment I was in your presence –

– My muse

– My desire

– My soulmate

When my time is up, I want –

– Your kiss to be the last I taste

– Your love to be the last I know

– Your beauty to be the last I see

– Your body to be the last I touch

– Your breath to be the last I breathe

Maybe, just maybe, all is now beginning to align —

I come to you now, no longer damaged.

I come to you now, for the first time in such a long time, complete and whole.

I come to you now, not as someone begging for your love, but, if we agree to resume and finish our path together, someone ready to give himself to you, and most importantly, someone deserving of you giving yourself to him.

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