For Your Birthday: A Weekend of Wild Play

It is your birthday. I give you a gift, one that admittedly is more for me than you.

the orgininal wild1 - Copy for addiction salvationA pair of thong underwear. You are fifty-four years old and have never worn them. You thought they would be uncomfortable.

I offer to take them back.

You say no.

With graceful ease, you lift your skirt and swiftly remove your current under garment. You hold your skirt up for a moment, allowing me to gaze the most luscious area I have ever seen.

You open each leg of the green apparel. You pull it up your calves, up your incredible thighs and then finally up to your waist. You pull on the cloth that is nestled within your cheeks.

It doesn’t feel that bad you tell me. You hold your skirt up and slowly turn around asking me what I think.

You are a vision.

trendy woman with lantern on pier near lake
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So perfect.

I have waited so many years to be with you, each day I have to remind myself of how lucky I am.

I run my hands up your legs. I caress the soft, yet firm flesh of your upper thigh.  My hand reaches the string like material that clings to flesh of your perfect behind. I bend you over the couch and open your cheeks. I stare at the satin fabric as it rubs against the inside of your cheeks. Your asshole is looking back at me, barely concealed. For the first time ever, I lower my head, and with the fabric still in place I tongue the forbidden spot. You react by bending further forward, inviting me to continue.

For the better part of the next hour, I work my mouth around your entire backside. The perfect shape that many men, and women, have admired over the years is now mine.

Mine to give attention.

Mine for which to care.

Mine to passionately worship.

Your moans only stop for a moment, and they are to utter but two words. “Take me.”

I slide the fabric to the side and enter you. Immediately, with all of my might, I push myself within. The wet material rubs against me. As I penetrate you with more force and more vigor than ever had I in the past, your body grabs at mine, with each thrust, pulling me in further. As much as I want this to last, I am too excited, too far gone, and within mere moments my climax comes.

My fluid flows from you, and without hesitation, I resume my old position and start. In no time, I am ready to take you again. This time it isn’t over as quickly. You start to scream; you tell me you are coming. You command me not to stop.

As your body shutters, I continue through your orgasm. Your shuttering body adds to the friction we are generating, soon I once again fill you.

I slide out. So hot is the sight of me oozing from your insides, soaking your birthday gift, that only a little of its rigidity is lost.

You turn and take me in your mouth. You lick each bit of our passion. You then rise to your feet and passionately our mouths intertwine.

We don’t leave your house for the entire weekend. How many times we share our passion, I can’t recall, but never, will I forget being with my goddess.


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