The Goddess Commands – I Obey


Her text message reads that she has been with several men, and she instructs me to wait in the bed.

I obey.

She enters the darkened room. The moon shines through the large picture window. The reflected rays of the yesterday’s sun backlight her body.

She removes her dress. Her form is in silhouette.

Her perfect breasts a gift of nature, but what she has forged through intense power walking is still her most enticing feature. My gaze falls lower and takes in the protrusion from her back. Even in shadow, the fabric of her undergarment clings to her pronounced gluteal muscles, muscles that have trapped me within many times.

She puts her fingers in the waistband and lowers her body. Her ass juts out even further and my cock becomes even harder.

No sooner does the material expose her pussy does the scent of sex fill the air.

It matters not how many have deposited within her; each night it is I who experiences nirvana, and it is I who awakes next to the supreme being.

She nears me. She tells me the seed of seven remain within. She did not allow herself to come. She has saved for me with whom to share her pleasure.

She mounts me. Easily I slide in.

The come of many runs out and down pooling onto the sheets.

She moves up and down, yet I feel little. She leans forward and whispers, “I saved my asshole for you.”

I slip out and she repositions, squatting over me, my cock enters that which has been saved for me. The sperm of other’s help, but there is still a bit of resistance as she takes me.

Her up and down motion quickens, soon that which allowed entrance is dissipated by the friction of her fierce, quick-paced pounding.

She lowers herself down to my pelvic bone. The muscles of her ass contract. She straightens her legs.

The strength of both her legs and ass are unmatched by any woman, and only the strongest of men. By only my fifth appendage, my ass rises from the bed. She holds me in this position. Pain and pleasure fill my groin.

She runs her hands through her air, her head extends back. Her muscles slowly release their hold; bit by bit, my body returns to the bed. By the time I am fully free, the most intense orgasm takes hold of my body, and a stream of come rises high into the air.

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