Not Sure When, Or If, I Will Write Again

Outside of a few political posts and a guest post submitted to a travel blog, I have been unable to write.  I know COVID is impacting us all, many the same way, many in different ways. Beyond COVID the world around us is in turmoil. Artists, whether professional and well paid, or those who create... Continue Reading →

Listen To Doctors of Medicine NOT Doctors of Spin

According to an article on, "President Trump's advisers are looking to "reframe" his coronavirus pandemic response..." It matters not if your are a supporter or detractor of the president. This should not be acceptable. "Reframe" the response? What response? How is it possible that the United States of America, perhaps the most medically advanced... Continue Reading →

 Grant calls “Is Suicide Painless” — A visceral emotional journey

Oct 04, 2019 Jupiter Grant rated it it was amazing A visceral emotional journey. Joe Leonardi's "Damaged and Broken" series deals with pain and despair. In this third book of the series (each are separate stories, so you do not have to have read the series in order), we meet a protagonist whose life has been... Continue Reading →

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