Kindle Countdown Continues

For the next 28 hours, thee Kindle version of the novel She Is The New Savior is available for $2.99 . Please purchase your copy by clicking the picture. or Copy and paste this link Thank you, Scono Sciuto


Foolish Fidelity = Monotonous Monogamy

Abandon the puritanical bullshit that has been preached to you your entire life. We aren’t talking about esoteric, fantasyland, Hollywood, romantic love… We are talking about unbridled passion, insatiable lust, ...

Embrace The Wild Fantasies

Eight unique stories by Scono Sciuoto. Tales of passion, lust and sex. These stories combine erotica with awareness, fusing strong feminine sexuality with female empowerment.  These may very well be some of the most controversial stories of all time.   Get your copy today.....      

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