Bullied – Excerpt from “Tortured and Tormented – Creating A School Shooter”

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I Miss The Person I Was

The fact of the matter is that life can suck. For so many there is no joy, there is no elation, there is no happiness. The treadmill to nowhere keeps moving and there is no choice but to keep pace until the effort causes the body to become frail, the mind to falter, and the soul to flail.

The Platitudes of Positive Thought

For many to whom these soulless and heartless messages of tough love are intended, it is only another assault on lives that have undergone repeated trauma. The platitudes are given without care or compassion, sympathy or empathy. They assail the damaged with as much ferocity as the biggest bully on the playground assaults the most innocent.

Thank You

The latest in The Damaged and Broken Collection — “Is Suicide Painless” is starting to sell.  I want to say thank you to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!