Use YOUR Author’s Voice!

“… the alteration of a word can throw an entire story out of key.” Ernest Hemingway I have had people criticize my work for breaking conventional rules of writing and grammar. Sometimes, these notes are accurate, and I make corrections. More often, they are given by those who believe themselves superior to the storyteller. These over... Continue Reading →


 To get started, write one true sentence

Hemingway had a simple trick for overcoming writer's block. In a memorable passage in A Moveable Feast, he writes: Sometimes when I was starting a new story and I could not get it going, I would sit in front of the fire and squeeze the peel of the little oranges into the edge of the flame... Continue Reading →

Attention All Literary Agents/Agencies Large and Small

MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE I have decided to accept proposals to determine which literary agent/agency will earn an exciting opportunity. I am offering exclusive rights to represent me and all of my current and future works. That's correct, this could be your chance to get on-board with an author whose writings challenge accepted... Continue Reading →

Faithfully Unfaithful -a short story

 © 2016 by Scono Sciuto All rights reserved.  No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author. Printed in the United States of America. This book is a work of... Continue Reading →

American Ninja Warrior

I wonder, with all the money American Ninja Warrior takes in, if the athletes are financially compensated besides the possible million dollar prize. It would be disgraceful if the announcers, who are interchangeable if even necessary, cash a paycheck to yell nonsense and the athletes who train year round for a single elimination competition, risk... Continue Reading →

Lady Rougepen Says: Check Out the Mondegreen Scene

More great stuff from Sean C Wright


IMG_4192Mondegreen: noun. Origin: English; 1950s.It’s a word or phrase, so often misheard that it becomes common to say it incorrectly. Examples:

Right:All intents and purposesWrong: All intensive purposes

Right: It takes two to tango.Wrong: It takes two to tangle.

Many song lyrics get mondegreens!

Sean C. Wrightis the author of 8books. For more information about her writing skills and how she can assist you with yours–business or consumer–visit


I’m pleased to announce the release of my 8th book, Skoll’s Diary.

Africans and African Americans left Earth in 1900, and went to another planet in The Milky Way to escape mistreatment…

It’s now the year 3005 on that terraformed planet. We get a peek into the life of a bright and sensitive teenaged boy, Skoll, through his journal. He loves his world, but is curious about life on Earth. Then…

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The heat of day fuels a heavy, water laden atmosphere. The cool of night turns that stored energy kinetic. Multipronged furious frightening flashes illuminate the darkened sky. Rumbling moans unleash a torrent of tears. Rapidly the ground is saturated. Soaked soil can absorb no more. A final furious flash followed by a hollow, cacophonic cavernous... Continue Reading →

Facebook Is Playing Hide And Seek

Great information for independent authors, and anyone who regularly uses FaceBook to increase awareness of their works.

I remember when I would post a link to an interview and sell anywhere between 5 or 10 books within a couple of hours. Now, with the changing algorithms, and news-feed prioritization, we are lucky if what we post is seen by more than a dozen of the same people and fewer if we post a link.

FaceBook is a business, not a social media business, but a data mining business. They give us “free” access to their platform and technology, but we have to be honest — there is a price with their free. Sadly, one of those prices is the loss of ability to effectively develop a brand by spending relatively little, to no money. I believe the days of “free media” on FaceBook, along with other social media sites, is something that will continue to disappear.

My support for the independent author community is strong. I buy, read and review around 2 – 3 books a month from independent authors. Often times, that support is returned, and sometimes it is not. It is important to recognize, that if we want others to support us, we should make an effort to support others.


A.D. Wayne

What started as a platform to connect and create new friendship grew to become more. It gave a chance to many of us to create a fanbase for our art. What used to be a light lost its shine. What used to give us freedom now tries to blind us.

It Started Small

Facebook is the number one platform for many artists and authors in the indie community. Many of us depend on this particular social media to develop our social media platform and create a follower base.

It started with opportunities to boost posts and create ads. Following, Facebook grabbed all the advertisement it could to overflow the newsfeed of its users. It was like watching a movie with except with every five scenes you got five minutes of advertisement!

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Pointless, Meaningless, Sleepless, Worthless, Lifeless

Pointless We rise early, work late, toil under enormous burden for what -- to purchase "things" we don't need -- nor have the time to enjoy Meaningless We work hard, skimp on breaks and vacations, follow the capitalist model -- our labor and goodwill, exploited and unappreciated -- all for another's gain Sleepless Our work... Continue Reading →

Omitted Scene Spotlighting Alzheimer’s

The following is a scene I had left out from "Tortured and Tormented - creating a school shooter." It was omitted because I ended up taking out the grandmother role in the final text. Next I had intended to use it in, "Is Suicide Painless."  It would have taken place when the narrator was telling Sunny about his... Continue Reading →

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