Northeast PA’s Generational Pessimism

Even after being away from Northeastern Pennsylvania's scarred mine fields for several years, I am sometimes still amazed by the genuine joy for life people here in South Florida have compared to the those back home. It is an attitude and outlook I try hard to mimic, but it can be difficult when raised in... Continue Reading →


Not Yet Ready To Be Broken

To say I have been in a bad place lately would be a gross understatement. I am not unique in being damaged. We are all waging our own personal battles with the world. It is my hope through telling stories of the damaged and broken, I may spark discussions. To help us understand ourselves. To help... Continue Reading →

Why The Past?

As writers and storytellers, we are often too in tune to our emotions and sensitivities. However, it can lead to unique insights.... There was a time I looked forward to each day. There was a time when I was ready. I now know I wasn't ready.  I now know I won't ever be ready. The... Continue Reading →

Please purchase your copy today

War Springs Eternal -1-  Thunder announces a release from the earth. Fire ignites the darkness. Illuminating the night sky, Hell’s flame explodes bright orange.  A yellow, oily rain falls upon the battlefield. It touches the soldiers. Skin boils and blisters. A few will die here. Many, will recover. The touched and untouched will carry scars;... Continue Reading →

Excerpt “One Day I Was”

One Day I Was  Copyright ©2011 Joseph F. Leonardi  All rights reserved.  No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.  Printed in the United States of America.  The following... Continue Reading →

War Springs Eternal – Paperback Now Available

For those out there who, like me, appreciate reading a physical book, turning the pages as the scent of a ink wafts from the freshly printed page - War Springs Eternal is available on in paperback from. Just click the picture or this link and you should be directed right to the page. If for some reason, the link doesn't... Continue Reading →

Hemingway’s Nobel Acceptance Speech

Ernest Hemingway's economy of words style applied not only to his writing. His Nobel acceptance speech is a little over three hundred and thirty words. What an incredible three hundred and thirty words they are....   Having no facility for speech-making and no command of oratory nor any domination of rhetoric, I wish to thank the administrators... Continue Reading →

Story Length – The Power of The Short Story

"It isn’t about the number of words the author writes   It is about the story the author tells with the number of words written.... "  Joe Leonardi I tend to agree with Edgar Allan Poe who believed that all works should be short. "There is", he writes, "a distinct limit... to all works of literary art—the... Continue Reading →

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