Please Purchase A Damaged and Broken Story

  Tortured & Tormented: Creating A School Shooter We can’t escape the headlines of mass murders occurring in our schools. The very place where children are sent to be educated. The very place where they should be safe and free from danger. Sadly, school shootings have become the new normal. These horrific crimes and events lead... Continue Reading →

Interview – The Damaged and Broken Collection

The following is the re-post of an interview I did with Samantha Ridenour of Ridenour Publishing.  1. What inspired you to write this book? Answer: I am currently writing a series of novelettes under the umbrella title, “The Damaged and Broken Collection.” As of today, I have competed Tortured and Tormented – creating a school... Continue Reading →

When Asked “Who Is Your Favorite Writer?”

I am a self-published storyteller, not under contract by a major publishing house and have sold a very limited number of books. In the literary world I am insignificant. That is the truth, but that truth doesn't change the reality that I am a storyteller. Storytelling is my love and lust. Storytelling is my passion... Continue Reading →

When The Shooting Stops — War Springs Eternal

Chris VINE VOICE 5.0 out of 5 stars Brave, brutal and utterly memorable! Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2019 Verified Purchase This is a raw and gut-wrenching short story, told by a man suffering from shell-shock (or PTSD in today's terminology). Expertly written, the choice of tense and point of view give the... Continue Reading →

Reviews of “War Springs Eternal”

--------- Mar 20, 2019 Agnes, rated it it was amazing War Springs Eternal by Joe Leonardi is riveting short story that elicits a host of emotions from the reader. As I read War Springs Eternal, I was immediately captivated by the strength, pain and resilience of the main character throughout his life journey. A compassionately,... Continue Reading →

Good Reads Review — She Is The New Savior

Aug 16, 2019 Jupiter Grant rated it 5 stars It was amazing When Kelly Dress' world is turned upside down in a hideously violent attack, she vows to take revenge. What follows is an engrossing tale which is part feminist fairy-tale, part religious satire, and part revenge fantasy. I was absolutely held by the story. The premise... Continue Reading →

A Pure Sexual Being

ADULT CONTENT ADULT CONTENT ADULT CONTENT The following is an excerpt from Submissive is Dominance: A Short Story, which is available for the kindle or kindle app through ————————— The room is dark. She is nervous, but foremost, she is excited. Her body tingles. This is an enormous step. She is ready to completely... Continue Reading →

Erotic Tales – The Embrace The Wild Fantasies

Sometimes we must embrace the darkness to see the light. Unique steamy, salacious stories. Carnal tales of passion, lust and sex. These novellas combine erotica with awareness, fusing strong feminine sexuality with female empowerment. These may very well be some of the most controversial stories of all time. Click on a picture and you will... Continue Reading →

A Free Erotic Short Story To Take Our Minds Away For A Bit

ADULT CONTENT ADULT CONTENT ADULT CONTENT © 2016 By Scono Sciuto  All rights reserved.  No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.  Printed in the United States of... Continue Reading →

Free Amoral, Sinful, And Most Unholy Erotica Today

Flash Fiction “Forbidden Tango”    Photo by Pixabay on   Adult Theme – No Adult Language ​Forbidden Tango   by Scono Sciuto ©2020 All rights reserved. **Please be advised, this work is a bit of flash fiction and thus contains only around 650 words.   No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored... Continue Reading →

Is Hemingway’s Theory of Omission Lost On A New Generation?

Hemingway was counted among the lost generation. Today, are we living with a spoon-fed generation? Has a generation which has been conditioned by an educational system that teaches to standardized testing to be little more than automatons, regurgitating information and data as a demonstration of intelligence, now having difficulty grasping Papa's concept of omission as a means... Continue Reading →

Hemingway Home – Key West, Florida

 Whether you, enjoy writing, are a professional author or, as I am, an undiscovered one – there is one destination I highly recommend you visit in your lifetime, The Ernest Hemingway House in Key West Florida. You really don’t need any specific reason to visit Key West other than it is paradise, but The Hemingway Home is... Continue Reading →

You really have to wonder what goes on in a mind like Trump’s

Think about this:  If he took the virus seriously early on... If he ensured a national rapid response to include testing, isolating, treating and contact tracing... If he listened to his experts instead of his own gut... If he would have worn a mask when it was first suggested... If he met this crisis head... Continue Reading →

Hemingway – Nobel Acceptance Speech

Ernest Hemingway's economy of words style applied not only to his writing. His Nobel acceptance speech is a little over three hundred and thirty words. What an incredible three hundred and thirty words they are....   Having no facility for speech-making and no command of oratory nor any domination of rhetoric, I wish to thank the administrators... Continue Reading →

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