To Save Your Marriage – Have An Affair

From Angelic Adultery by Scono Sciuto -TWO-   Today is Friday. He has invited me to his office. He told me to come over for six. I told him I would be there. I can’t do this! What am I thinking? I don’t even really know him. Yet, I find myself dressing to go and meet. I am... Continue Reading →

Sesame Street – An Anniversary NOT Worthy Of Celebration?

Today is Sesame Street's birthday. Back in 1969, children were exposed to blocks of information given in short bursts playing to their short, not yet developed, attention span. This concept was, and today still is, hailed as a grand achievement.  In her interview with The Old Man, Dominique is exposed to a different opinion about... Continue Reading →

A Caged Lattice – Woven By Bad Decisions

Some are trapped in a physical sense, some by addiction. Perhaps worse for some, entangled by their own mind. Some are limited by age or infirmary, others by injury or decline. Cause not always known. Everyone's trap is different. Some who fight are damaged. Some lose and become broken. Some are trapped in more ways than... Continue Reading →

One Day I Was – Now Available on Kindle Unlimited

After posting an excerpt form my first novel,   "One Day I Was," a few of my readers expressed and interest in the the story. Some of those same readers are enrolled in the kindle unlimited program and asked if I could make the story available.  After a couple of clicks on my bookshelf, One Day I Was is... Continue Reading →

Excerpt “One Day I Was”

One Day I Was  Copyright ©2011 Joseph F. Leonardi  All rights reserved.  No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.  Printed in the United States of America.  The following... Continue Reading →

Iceberg Theory – Don’t Explain Everything

  Hemingway was counted among the lost generation. Today, are we living with a spoonfed generation? Has a generation which has been conditioned by an educational system that teaches to standardized testing to be little more than mind-numb automatons, regurgitating information and data as a demonstration of intelligence, now having difficulty grasping Ernest Hemingway's concept... Continue Reading →

To All Literary Agents/Agencies Large and Small

MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE I have decided to accept proposals to determine which literary agent/agency will earn an exciting opportunity. I am offering exclusive rights to represent me and all of my current and future works. That's correct, this could be your chance to get on-board with an author whose writings challenge accepted... Continue Reading →

Writing Emotions – Don’t tell, Don’t Show… Experience

  Perhaps one of the most brilliant insights from Ernest Hemingway concerns the process of making an emotion. Using this technique allows us as writers to evolve from simply telling a tale, to having our readers become immersed in our story. Close observation of life is critical to good writing, said Hemingway. The key is... Continue Reading →

Random Ramblings – The National Basketball Association

The NBA season is two days old. Here are some observations inferred from the pundits - The Lakers again won't make the play-offs LeBron only cares about Hollywood, not championships New Orleans Culinary options have ended Zion's career Steph Curry is not a hall of famer Miami Heat Culture, lacking a Shaq or LeBron, will... Continue Reading →

Dedicated To My Sisters and Brother In Arms

The battles may stop................ A ceasefire or treaty may be signed............... Politicians claim a victory they did not earn................ Yet, for those who served, the fighting never ends..................... ...................FOR MANY -- WAR SPRINGS ETERNAL

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