Day 5

364.3 7:30am 3 eggs scrambled, 4 strips of bacon 2:45pm chef's salad, Italian dressing 6:00pm chicken, broccoli, rice snack a couple pieces of chocolate, some peanuts


Seattle Public Library “Denounces” Publisher’s New E-book Policy – Slog – The Stranger

I don't believe this involves or impacts us as independent authors, but I am curious how others view this issue.

Flash Fiction: Auschwitz Forever

Deep and meaningful flashfiction by Sean C Wright


imagesA concentration camp survivor visited my tenth-grade history class, as a guest speaker. It had quite an impact on me. Some of the facts in this story are indeed what this man told us bug-eyed teenagers. This short story you are about to read is my way of bringing justice to those who were affected by one of the most incorrigible crimes in human history. If you are squeamish, you may not want to go any further.

Auschwitz Forever

By Sean C. Wright-Neeley

It was always the same, but different. He woke up in the barracks, every morning. This time, he was a Jewish man. The Star of David on his prison uniform told him so. Today, they had him and the other prisoners, clearing a field in the snow. He tried as hard as he could to conceal his cold, but a Nazi guard heard him cough and sniffle…

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Day 4

365.2 Early numbers are moving in the right direction. However another night of anxiety related insomnia kept me in bed instead of the gym this morning.   7:30am sausage and cheese omelet 12:00pm 6 meatballs, tossed salad w/b.c. dressing NO PIE!!!! 😎🤩🥳 6:45pm chicken, broccoli, rice 4 dove chocolates

Gabbard returns to campaign trail after completing active-duty service | TheHill

Not something you read about many politicians and no other candidate for president, and yet, her own party's national committee is doing all it can to freeze her out. #Tulsi #dnc #gabbard #TulsiGabbard

Booing Andrew Luck’s NFL Retirement – Really? WTF!

Oft injured Indianapolis Colt Quarterback, Andrew Luck, has opted to try and salvage what is left of his life and health by retiring from the NFL. For God's sakes, Luck's laundry list of reported injuries include a lacerated kidney. As someone who has treated semi and arena league players, I know that list probably quadruples... Continue Reading →

Watch “The Damaged and Broken Collection” on YouTube I write of the damaged and broken, because that is the norm. For each person who overcomes their demons, there are hundreds, if not thousands, who do not. It is their stories I tell.  “Who am I?” I am an independent, self-published teller of tales, an author, as of yet, scarcely any renown. However,... Continue Reading →

Blood Isn’t Thicker Than Ink

What a great post by Sean, thank you for writing it.
I could not agree more with what is written here. My mom and dad were my biggest fans and I know they would have been at every signing without fail.
As for the rest of my relatively large family, trying to get anyone interested in, and supportive of, my writing has been for naught.
Hell, I even sent all of my cousins a copy of one of my novellas because some of our family history inspired a chapter.
Not even an f–ing email thanking me or supporting me.
You’d think out of more than a dozen cousins, one would have said something.
My advise to all writers, whether published or not, indie or under contract, sold one or a million — write for, and count only one, yourself.



Blood Isn’t Thicker Than Ink

By Sean C. Wright-Neeley

Family and friends attend gender reveal parties, barbecues; heck, even divorce parties, but rarely attend my book signings. They buy a celebrity’s perfume or sneakers, but refuse to buy my much-less expensive books. Mentioning that I am working on a new story elicits about as much excitement as mentioning that I am changing my hairstyle.

Getting little support from strangers is to be expected when you’re an author. You can’t write in a genre everyone loves. And how else will you get truly unbiased book reviews if it weren’t for strangers, reading your work? But I was always starry-eyed about family and friends supporting my career. Granted, it’s a creative career (unless you’re strictly a technical writer). It falls into the same category as a musician or artist. Somehow, somewhere, someone will always sneer, “Get a real job.”

But I was…

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