Why Is Creating A School Shooter Written In First Person?

Another question from my interview with Jim Riley was why I chose to write in first person. The answer is simple - so the reader can easily insert him or herself into the story. We probably can all see a bit of the main character in ourselves. It is easier to understand that main character... Continue Reading →

Twenty Years Without A Complete Sleep 

I still remember the first night I didn’t sleep the night through. Of course, there were random nights before.  How could there not be? Especially being at sea in the U.S. Navy.   But this night, was the night that began a chain of sleepless nights that has lasted uninterrupted for close to twenty years.   ----------------------------... Continue Reading →

Social Media Power of Positive-Thought, Pop-Psychology Poppycock

The social media pop-psychologists are out in full force. The self-righteous self-helpers offer unsolicited words with only one purpose --- to give themselves a superior sense of self. Lacking even a single request, they offer their self-aggrandizing wisdom - -To those they have never met. -To those they do not know. -To those they do... Continue Reading →

Hemingway – The Iceberg Theory

According to Jenna Blum in The Author at Work, “Hemingway said that only the tip of the iceberg showed in fiction—your reader will see only what is above the water—but the knowledge that you have about your character that never makes it into the story acts as the bulk of the iceberg. And that is... Continue Reading →

Future Damaged and Broken Novellas

In 2019 I am expecting to release at least five more stories in The Damaged and Broken Collection --- • “It Is Never Just A Slap,” which I am currently working on, a woman trapped in an abusive relationship. •“Abandonment and Addiction,” a girl from a broken home who becomes addicted to heroin. •“A Father’s Son,” the breakdown of... Continue Reading →

Just because someone gave a negative review…

....doesn't mean you didn't write a good story! On the author pages to which I belong on social media, I see comments from authors distraught that someone gave their writing a negative review. In a profound way, when I read these comments, it pains me. When someone reviews a story, the odds are their review... Continue Reading →

Short Story Scibe

https://youtu.be/cuuH4HZ1X44 “Who am I?”  The Damaged and Broken Collection I am an independent, self-published teller of tales. I am currently an author of scarcely any renown. However, as a storyteller, I know who I am, and with that persona, I am both confident and comfortable. I invite you to visit my website, ShortStoryScribe.com and/or Amazon Author Page, if you are so inclined please purchase... Continue Reading →

Another Mass Murder and…

...within hours, media and pundits and bloggers and morning coffee drinkers have already begun laying blame at the feet of everyone, but the person who pulled the trigger and why. I am often amazed at how quickly tragedy become politics and people start taking sides. I wrote Tortured and Tormented, and other novelettes in The Damaged... Continue Reading →

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