Sensitivity – The Curse of Creativity?

Are you a writer? Are you told that you are too sensitive? This is not an uncommon characteristic in those of us who are creative. Even one who might be accused of excessive machismo, Ernest Hemingway, was a deeply sensitive person. Upon first reading, his stories can be construed as epic adventures, read them a... Continue Reading →


Why The Past?

As writers and storytellers, we are often too in tune to our emotions and sensitivities. However, it can lead to unique insights.... There was a time I looked forward to each day. There was a time when I was ready. I now know I wasn't ready.  I now know I won't ever be ready. The... Continue Reading →

Holiday Blues, Sadness, Depression and Worse

For many, the holiday season is a joyous occasion. A time filled with fun, food and family. However, there are those for whom the time between Thanksgiving and New Year's is complete and unrelenting torment and torture. Sadly, many will take the occasion not to celebrate, but to attempt something they have thought about over... Continue Reading →

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